I have designed and made a lot of items for the Astronomer, including a lot of RED LED Products.
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This is a great new item for all you Astro-Imagers out there in the dark of night. Don't use that other junk, this screen is made from 1/8" thick Red Acrylic. As you know your laptop display Produces a lot of light and is very much frond upon by other observers.
Well this 1/8" thick Red Screen removes all the glare and turns the display Red. Many astronomers use laptop computers in the field. Unfortunately, using a “night mode” theme or skin is not enough to reduce the brightness of the screen to a level that will not damage your eye’s dark adaptation.
To do that you will need a piece of red acrylic plastic Custom cut to the Screen Size of your Laptop. This is a custom order to fit your laptop display
Please allow a couple of days to ship the screen. When you receive it all you need to is just place it over the front of your screen with Included clips

Price Range: $18.99 to $59.99   
You will be downloading an EXCEL Spreadsheet.
After filling out the Spreadsheet and Emailing it to me. You can place your order below.

Up to 13" Shield Options
14" to 15.5" Shield w/Options

17" to 17.3" Shield w/Options
18" Shield w/Options

RED LED USB FlexLight 
For Your Laptop

This is a great new item for all you Astro-Imagers out there in the dark of night. Custom made with a RED LED. This 1 LED system made to illuminate the keyboard of your laptop and runs off the USB Port on your Computer.

The Astrolaptoplight is fully adjustable so you can point it where you need it. Not only can you use it to illuminate your keyboard but you can use it to illuminate star charts, items on you observing table or whatever you need to light up.

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1 - USB LIGHT + US Shipping
3 - USB LIGHT + US Shipping



Well I have the perfect solution for that, its called the Astroflasher and you will be glad that you picked up a set. They can be placed just about anywhere, including on the ground next to your tripod legs, wires running from you scope to your laptop. How about placing one on the counterweight that is at the other end of your Binocular mount, or place them wherever you need to have a warning light. The enclosed case itself is made of a high impact plastic with an on/off switch on one side of it.

I’m using a 3000mcd RED LED with a clear lens in each unit. The flash rate of the LED is about 90 per min or 1.5 times a second. The Astroflasher comes in a set of 3 flashing units and each unit runs on 2 AA Batteries (Not included). You can Purchase then 1 at a time or in sets of 3.

US Buyers Set of 3 $17.99 + Shipping

International Buyers Set of 3 $17.99 + Shipping

1 Flasher + US Shipping
1 Flasher + International Shipping



Stick Light

This is a Custom RED LED Light That I have Modified. They come normally with a bright white light at the end. Not anymore, buying it from me, you will get a modified version. I have taken it apart and replaced the Bright White LED at the end of the glow stick with a bright RED LED. Comes with a Lanyard for hanging around your neck or ????

This multi-functioning Battery Powered GLOW Stick not only provides a long-lasting LED light, but also features four safety signaling modes, including:

  • RED LED Color glow stick
  • RED LED Color flasher
  • Bright RED LED flashlight
  • Whistle

You will receive the Modified Version with a RED LED

1 -LifeGear RED LED + US Shipping

Battery operated, chemical-free and environmentally friendly, Great for all of your Astronomy outings. Its the perfect light for star-maps and other things from hiking and camping to. Will help you maintain your night vision
4 light modes --
LED flashlight, glow mode with LED flashlight, glow mode, and flasher mode.
- Emergency whistle
- 200 hours of light in flasher mode
- 4 Emergency signaling options
- Non-toxic
- Reusable
- 10,000 LED hours of product life!
- 7.5 inches tall
- One-handed operation
- 3 Button cell batteries included. Free Lifetime batteries from Life-Gear
- Auto off in 1 hour

Bubble Level

This 2 Way Bubble Level is needed to level your tripod for
accurate alignment, especially for Astrophotography. 

Just setup your Tripod place the Bubble Level in the center of the tripod and adjust the legs so the bubble is in the center.

Tripod 2 Way Bubble  Level $9.75 Free Shipping


This is a great new item for all you Astro-Imagers out there in the dark of night. Custom made with a RED LED, you can use it to do anything at night.

This head light is a fantastic new design. Using a CREE LED along with User Variable brightness adjustments. Allowing you to set how bright you need it, depending on if your setting up in the dark, Going for the eyepiece case looking for a tool in the toolbox. The brightness can be adjusted to your liking. OH almost forgot the head of the light can be moved up or down. So you can point it where to need it.